“Hiring Heidi as my Doula was one of the best decisions I ever made for my birth. Because of her support throughout my pregnancy and having her as part of my birth team I was able to accomplish all of my birthing goals. I couldn’t have done it without her. I was able to accomplish the healing birth that I was looking for and that meant the world to me. Thank you for everything you do Heidi!” –Ramsey, 2nd time Mom

“This was by far our best and most positive birth experience! We were so thankful for all of our doula’s help, suggestions, and guidance.” -Janet, 4th time Mom

“Heidi was a life saver for me.” -Nick, 1st time Dad

“This was one the best birth experiences I’ve had. I have 5 children, and I wish I would have had Heidi for the other 4 as well. Having Heidi there with her knowledge on how to do things that make labor go smoother, was irreplaceable.” –Jessica, 5th time Mom

“I can’t imagine my birth experience without the assistance of Heidi. She was an amazing doula that went above and beyond to be helpful in preparing us as much as possible and was prompt with responding to all the questions that my husband and I had with this being our first child. Everyone needs a doula  I’m so so thankful that we had Heidi!” -Sara, 1st time Mom

“Heidi provided invaluable support leading up to birth and during the labor process. We feel so blessed to have had her care and expertise in welcoming our first child. It’s wonderful to be able to walk away from the labor experience feeling both thankful and positive. Thank you so much, Heidi!” -Christi, 1st time Mom


“Heidi was AMAZING!  She was an encouragement and very knowledgeable.  She came prepared with her bag/suggestions/etc.  She was engaged the entire birth, working really well with my husband to meet all my needs.”  -Allie, 3rd time Mom 

“I enjoyed working with Heidi and know she is an asset to the birth team!  I would recommend her services to anyone!”  –Teri, Certified Nurse Midwife

“Heidi was great to work with. Great coach and very knowledgeable.” -Alicia, RN

“The moment I met Heidi I knew I wanted her to be our doula! Being a first time mom, I had so many questions, concerns, and fears. Heidi was there for me throughout the entire process answering all my questions and providing many helpful resources. She also provided emotional support – helping me work through my fears about labor and birth. She was such a huge help during the labor process! I can’t imagine going through it without her! Thanks Heidi!” -Jennifer, 1st time Mom


“We really appreciated the amount and quality of resources that Heidi provided us with. She was very thorough in talking through our options and helping us develop our birth plan. Her help on birthing day was priceless!”  -Joni, 1st time Mom

“Thank you so much for being extremely supportive during my labor. I still remember your gentle voice and comforting massage. We appreciate your help from our heart!”  -Julie, 1st time Mom

“Heidi was an amazing doula who made my birth very special. I had 2 previously traumatic deliveries and she was so great helping me focus on this new and different birth. I felt so supported as my birth plan changed, I was encouraged and feel so good about my choice!  I had the most wonderful birth experience! Thanks so much for all you did for us!”  –Brooke, 3rd time Mom

“Heidi is a wonderful doula! She consistently educated me on various birthing topics and was available to meet many of the emotional needs I found arising throughout my pregnancy. During labor she provided the perfect grounding spirit I needed to help calm my nerves. My husband and I were both grateful for her presence and would recommend her to anyone seeking a doula.”  -Terran, 1st time Mom

“Because my doula, Heidi, was there throughout my labor and delivery I knew I could focus all my energy on me and the baby and not worry about what else was going on in the room or how my husband was handling everything. Since this was my first baby it was comforting to know that my doula had been present at many births and would be able to answer questions and help me understand what was happening. Meeting with our doula prior to labor was crucial in helping me prepare mentally and emotionally.” –Client, 1st time Mom

“I absolutely loved my birth experience! Everything went as smoothly as it could have and that was largely due to the preparation that Heidi and I discussed during prenatal visits and the counter-pressure that she provided during labor. I was incredibly blessed to have Heidi support our family as our doula!” -Karrie, 1st time Mom