**I have no current availability for Postpartum Doula services**

Life with a newborn can be challenging and many new parents could benefit from extra support to get through the initial recovery and newborn stage. Supporting the family and “mothering the mother” is the goal of a postpartum doula.

I am an ICEA certified Postpartum Doula and offer postpartum services within 30 miles of Sioux Falls.

Postpartum Services  are tailored to your specific needs, but can include:

    • Assistance with caring for baby or siblings
    • Breastfeeding support
    • Emotional support for mother and family
    • Education on postpartum comfort measures, recovery, and self-care
    • Education on infant care and development
    • Community resource support
    • Assistance in adjusting to new family roles
    • Household organizational support including
      • light meal preparation
      • grocery shopping or running errands
      • laundry
      • light housekeeping
      • dishwashing



“I could not have asked for better postpartum support than I received from Heidi. From the emotional support and friendship Heidi provided to her immense knowledge of the birth and postpartum process to meal and snack preparations, Heidi helped me through some of the hardest weeks of my life with grace and warmth. Every family, particularly new mothers, should be so lucky as to have Heidi by their side.  I can’t recommend her enough!  I’ll be forever grateful to Heidi for everything she did for my son and me.” –First Time Mom

“I attended all the new baby courses and read all the books, so I thought I was ready for caring for a baby. However, nothing prepared me for the weeks and months of caring for a newborn. With my first baby, I had no support network when I left the hospital.  This created a spiral into what I can only call postpartum anxiety. I wasn’t sleeping… I was constantly worried… I felt like I was never doing enough for the baby. It took a good six months for me to get out of this fog.  With our second baby, I made a deliberate choice to have a better support network.  My doula worked with me to have a plan and took the time to understand exactly what I needed.  After the baby was born, my doula made weekly visits and helped with whatever I needed help with (baby care, housework, dinner prep etc).  Having a non-family member come in and take care of me and my baby made an incredible difference.  I felt stronger and more confident in my ability to handle taking care of a newborn and the rest of my family. ”  –Second Time Mom

To read ICEA’s Scope of Postpartum Doula practice, go here.

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